Skype says Hello to new bots

Skype has always been the home for your most important conversations.

At this year’s Microsoft Build Conference, CEO Satya Nadella showed us the beginning of a new world. A universe where technology works with your everyday conversations to make life easier, more productive, and fun.

In April we released a series of preview Skype Bots—intelligent helpers that make it easier to get things done by communicating directly in your Skype chats.

Since spring we have seen positive momentum in the creation of Skype Bots.

We have over 30,000 developers building bots on our platform and thousands of developers are able to share their bot through a Skype join link directly on their website.

Today, we are introducing a series of partner-inspired bots into the Skype Bot directory on our Android, Windows, iOS, Mac and Web apps.

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