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More Ways to Make Smart Bots

Today we’re excited to announce we are releasing two new offerings designed to make it easier for you to create smart bots. Here’s a bit more about each: QnA Maker Service Brought to you by the same engineers that develop Bing, our latest addition to Microsoft Cognitive Services, QnA Maker is a free, easy-to-use, REST API- and web-based service that trains AI to….

New and Improved Bot Framework Emulator

Hello! Today we released v3.5.22 of the Bot Framework Emulator. Summary of the major changes: Bot-Initiated Conversations – Bots can initiate new conversations with the user. Simplified App Settings – Emulator listening port and callback URL are now managed internally by the app. Added Remaining System Events – You can send ContactRelationUpdate, Typing, Ping, and DeleteUserData activity types to your bot. Improved Button….