New and Improved Bot Framework Emulator

Hello! Today we released v3.5.22 of the Bot Framework Emulator. Summary of the major changes:

  • Bot-Initiated Conversations – Bots can initiate new conversations with the user.
  • Simplified App Settings – Emulator listening port and callback URL are now managed internally by the app.
  • Added Remaining System Events – You can send ContactRelationUpdate, Typing, Ping, and DeleteUserData activity types to your bot.
  • Improved Button Layout – Buttons no longer stack vertically, but arrange horizontally and wrap as necessary.
  • Relaxed Hyperlink Filtering – Hyperlinks in the chat window were previously limited to http and https protocols. This restriction has been removed.

If you already have the Bot Framework Emulator installed, you’ll get an update prompt the next time you launch it. Otherwise, download it today!


The Bot Framework Team