Deploying Bot Framework to Azure on Linux

Microsoft Bot Framework SDK for Node.js allows developers to build text and voice based chatbots and connect them to a variety of channels including Skype, MS Teams, Slack, Facebook, Telegram, SMS, email, and more. As a Node.js bot developer you may have asked yourself – “Can I deploy my bot to Azure on Linux?”– and yes, it is now possible using the Azure….

New Number Recognizers in LUIS

The LUIS Team has developed a new recognizer library that provides greater accuracy in identifying numerics, and also allows the developer to provide context to which those numerics refer to. Luis now incorporates a new library for number recognition in Microsoft.Recognizers.Text.Numbers, which implements a solution using Regular Expressions. Regular Expressions (Regex) are a well established and proven method used to identify….

(Resolved) Azure Bot Service returning various access errors

Summary of impact Last week customers reported a variety of Azure Bot Service issues such as: Internal Server Error dialog on bot load Inability to connect via FTP Inability to connect via Kudu Inability to setup continuous deployment Files disappeared from the bot editor Only customers who created a bot with the Azure Bot Service between April 3rd and April….

LUIS Action Binding for Console Apps

This article is part 3 for our series on Action Binding in LUIS. You can checkout either of the links below for a refresher, or skip ahead. Part One – Action Binding for Bots Part Two – Action Binding for Web Apps We recently announced that action binding from the LUIS Service has been deprecated and must now be handled….

LUIS Action Binding for Web Apps

In a previous post, we announced that action binding from the LUIS Service has been deprecated and must now be handled on the client side of an application, which allows you to have stricter control over conversational flow instead of relying on LUIS to do the work. In the first article, we discussed how to implement action binding for a bot….

Implementing LUIS Action Binding on the Client

In the earlier stages of LUIS, binding Intents to Actions was something that was automatically handled by the LUIS service behind the scenes. Because of this, developers could only influence action binding via the LUIS app portal. Action Binding has since been deprecated and removed from the service, and abstracted to the client side, which allows the client (developer) to….