(Updated 08/08/2017) Upgrade your Bot Builder SDK to v3.5 or greater by July 31, 2017

UPDATED 08/08/2017: We revised our security protocols on July 31, 2017. Update to Bot Builder 3.9+ or compatible security configuration to keep your bot working

All Bot applications using the Microsoft Bot Builder SDK must be upgraded to Bot Builder SDK v3.5 and greater. This applies for both C# and NodeJS BotsAll bots using any SDK below v3.5 will stop being supported by this date.

For those currently using the botbuilder SDK, simply upgrade to the latest packages.

Using npm for Node and Nuget for C# :


npm install –-save botbuilder

Verify in your node application’s package.json file that your bot has at least botbuilder v3.5installed.

C Sharp:

Verify in your Nuget package manager that your project includes at least Microsoft.Bot.Builder v3.5 or greater.

Not Using BotBuilder SDK?

Not using Microsoft BotBuilder SDK? Well your Bot still needs to be updated!

Currently both Bot Framework 3.0 and 3.1 are being supported, however 3.0 will retire on July 31, 2017. Presently, it is only planned Bot Framework 3.1 to be supported after this date.

For Bots which are NOT using the botbuilder SDK, Click Here to view the detailed changes needed to be implemented for continued support.

Once again, please update your Bots accordingly by July 31, 2017.

The Bot Framework Team