Bing Location Control v2 for Bot Framework

Since the release of Bing Location Control for Bot Framework back in December 2016, we’ve been working continuously on adding on improvements and new features. We’ve since released location control v2.0.0 both npm and nuget modules for NodeJS and C# bot development respectively.

New features of Location Control v2

Today we are announcing the addition of the Favorites feature to location control. This provides bot developers the ability to allow users to save their addresses for much quicker and easier selection. Key features:

  • Store up to 5 favorite locations per bot user.
  • Select addresses from favorite locations by address name.
  • Edit & delete favorite locations.

The new experience is provided by default but can be disabled while defining the controller in your Bot.    In addition to the new scenario, several fixes and enhancements have been released since December 2016. For a comprehensive list of all updates please the check the Bing Location Controlgithub release notes here. Thanks to the developer community for the contributions and feedback!

Happy Making!

Mohamed Elmiligui from the Bot Framework Team.09