Speech Support in Bot Framework – Webchat to Directline, to Cortana

The Bot Framework now supports speech as a method of interacting with the bot across Webchat, the DirectLine channel, and Cortana. In this article we’ll go over the new capabilities, speech recognition priming using LUIS, and a new NuGet package we’ve released which supports speech recognition and synthesis on the DirectLine channel. Web Chat now includes speech capabilities If you’ve ever created and registered….

Load testing a Bot

One of the most common questions and requests we receive from the bot developer community is how developers can perform load testing on a bot. Previously we hadn’t documented this end-to-end, but now we’re providing an authorization scheme to implement load testing for your bots. This guide includes two sections: the first describes how to authenticate messages to and from….

An Adaptive Cards sample in .NET

Cards today One of the many new Bot Framework features we showcased at Build 2017 was Adaptive Cards. Modern ‘cards’ as a UI feature have existed for several years now, birthed by the advent of the modern web and mobile technologies. Most of us have interacted with cards on some level, whether or not we realize it – a card is a UI container….