Azure Bot Service now supports Azure Web Apps

Today we’re happy to announce the addition of Azure Web Apps to the Azure Bot Service, one of the most requested features of the past few months.

You can find the Azure Web Apps option in the new “Hosting Plan” drop down, when you create a new bot using the Azure Bot Service in the Azure Portal.

In particular:

  • “App Service Plan” creates a bot based on Azure Web Apps (NEW).
  • “Consumption Plan” creates a bot based on Azure Functions (Existing).

In addition to providing an accelerated bot creation experience (registration in the Bot Framework Developer Portal, handy templates to get started, and embedded Web Chat for immediate testing), this new option provides some new convenient features:

  • All of the familiar features of Azure Web Apps.
  • Seamless integration with local Bot Builder SDK development.
  • Familiar debugging experience in your favorite IDE.
  • Easy one-click publishing from Visual Studio.
  • Quick setup of continuous deployment for Visual Studio Online and GitHub.

Click here to create a bot now!

The Bot Framework Team