Contributing to LUIS with Microsoft/Recognizers-Text – Part 1

Last year, we announced a new recognizer library by the LUIS team, which provides robust recognition and resolution for common units expressed in everyday human interaction. Since then, the code base has changed considerably, and the library has been expanded to include more pre-built entities including date-time, currency, dimensions, and age. Today, we’ll take a look into the code base of Recognizers-Text,….

Updates for LUIS – January 2018

Some updates for new features to LUIS this month! DatetimeV2 prebuilt entity is now available for Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) Bing Spell Check has been upgraded to v7. If you’d like to continue using Bing Spell Check, you’ll need to get a v7 API key. Click here to learn how to enable Bing Spell Check in your LUIS applications If you have….

LUIS quick start with list entities

Since LUIS was first previewed, it’s certainly changed a lot! General availability for LUIS was announced back in December last month, with an expanded limit to 500 intents and 100 entities per application, support for new regions, availability in 7 new regions (South Central US, East US, West US 2, East Asia, North Europe, Brazil South, Australia East), as well as increased….