Reminder: The Bot Framework State service has been retired – what you need to know

The Microsoft Bot Framework State service is now retired as of March 30, 2018. Previously, bots built on the Azure Bot Service or the Bot Builder SDK had a default connection to this service hosted by Microsoft to store bot state data.

Now that the service has been retired, your bots will need to be updated to use their own state storage. We’ve written several blog posts in the past about how to implement state storage for both .NET and Node.js bots using the botbuilder-azure package:

New API to export existing bot state data

In addition, the Bot Builder SDK has been updated to include new API for bot developers to export bot state data. This pertains to all bot developers who have used Bot Framework State service to store bot data. Even if your state store has been migrated, you still need to export older state data.

  • ExportBotStateDataAsync makes a client connection to a state service, whether it is the default Azure Bot State service or your own and returns a list of all BotState objects associated with a user.

We will also announce when the latest version of the Bot Builder SDK NuGet package is released to incorporate these new APIs.

Moving Forward

New bots cannot use the state store anymore. Calls to state store will return HTTP ERROR CIDE 405. To help you with the transition, we are taking a phased deprecation plan that goes in effect April 15th 2018.

  • Between April 15th 2018 through April 30th 2018 – read/ write calls to the state service might incur significant latencies. Expect this to gradually increase to about 500ms by end of March
  • Between April 30th 2018 through May 20th 2018 – write operations to the state service will have scheduled brownouts with the first 5 minutes of every hour returning HTTP ERROR CODE 418 returned by the service. This will gradually increase to span up to 30 minutes of every hour by May 20th 2018.
  • On and beyond May 21st 2018 – All write operations to the state service will be blocked. Read options will continue to be available through July 31st 2018. This is so that you can migrate your existing data if needed.

Beginning December 13, 2017, you should have begun seeing build warnings as well as warnings in the Bot Framework emulator advising that the Microsoft Bot Framework State service would be retired.

For questions or feedback please visit Stack Overflow and Azure Support.

Thank you,

The Azure Bot Service Team