Locally develop and manage LUIS applications with new BotBuilder tools

In our last article we introduced some of the helpful new tools from the Bot Builder tools suite. To recap, first we demonstrated how to create question/answer pairs using a new special markdown file format (.lu). Then, we used the new LUDown tool to parse the file to create a knowledge base (.json), and used the QnAMaker API tool to create….

Create a QnA Knowledge Base using new BotBuilder Tools

This year at Build 2018, we announced the general availability of QnAMaker as well as the new Bot Builder tools preview. One exciting new tool called LUDown allows you to easily create natural language components locally for both LUIS and QnAMaker. In this article, we’ll be providing an overview of  how to use LUDown to create a QnA Maker knowledge base (KB), and….

Improving accuracy in LUIS with patterns

Since LUIS became generally available last year several new features have been added to make it easier to create and train robust natural language models for your applications. If you’ve used LUIS in the past, hopefully you’re pretty familiar with intents and entities, and how to train your model to use them by using utterances. In this post, we’ll go over….