Find Your Azure Bot’s AppID and AppSecret

Today we have a short update to answer one question which is sometimes asked by our users – Where can I find my Bot’s AppID and Password? Prior to general availability, the only way to create and register a bot with the Bot Framework was through the developer portal. When you created a bot, a new password was generated in a pop up window, which you could only obtain once.

This was the old way to get your bot’s AppID and password. In the past, you needed to save your password somewhere secure, as the one pop up window when it was generated was your only opportunity to obtain it from the service. Now that the Bot Framework is on Azure, your bot credentials can be found by accessing the Resource Group which it is under.

  1. In the Azure Portal, select your bot’s Resource Group
  2. Select Deployments in the blade to the right
  3. In the blade which opens, select your Bot under Deployment Name. This will open up a new blade overview for your bot deployment.

4. Select Inputs.

Here, you can find a lot of meta data for your Bot, including your Bot’s AppID and Password!

We hope this helps clear up any confusion over where your bot credentials are.

Happy Making!

The Azure Bot Service Team