Bots Secured Behind a Firewall & Teams 

Contacts: Daniel Evans, CK Kashyap, Mark Franco Goal  Host a bot behind a firewall and allow conversations with the bot using Teams. The implication of “bot behind a firewall” is that the network connectivity to/from the bot is restricted to only the necessary machines (IP addresses).  The reference network architecture below illustrates how a Bot may be run inside a Virtual Network(VNET) that allows traffic only to and from a set of IP addresses that….

Embed a bot in a web page using Web Chat

This post describes how to embed a bot in a web page using the Bot Framework Web Chat. The Web Chat control is a highly-customizable web-based client for the Bot Framework V4 SDK. It uses the  Direct Line channel, associated with the bot, to allow the user to talk with the bot from within the web page. In its essence, this….