QnA maker revisited, with Suggested Actions and App Insights

In this post we’ll go over a few different strategies to manage user feedback for your bots. Instead of starting from the beginning with a new bot project, we’ll be continuing off of the demo QnA bot we created in a previous post – QnA Maker with rich cards in .NET. The demo we started from that post is not….

QnA Maker with rich cards in .NET

If you are unfamiliar with the QnA Maker, please click here to learn more about it. A good bot is one that is actually useful to users, seems intuitive right?  Some bots may need to process payments, handle forms, track location, or perform some other sort of complex or custom operation. We also have LUIS, which can be utilized to….

Saving State data in SQL with .NET

Update (12/19/17): The original release of this article discussed in-depth how to implement the IBotDataStore interface in order to use a SQL database to save your bot’s state data. Since then, we’ve expanded the botbuilder-azure package to support SQL. With the latest version of the package, all you need to do is instantiate the SqlBotDataStore client in Global.asax of your .NET application….